Carlsen’s amazing exchange sacrifice !!! (World Rapid Chess Championship 2015)

November 13, 2015 - Chess

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19 thoughts on “Carlsen’s amazing exchange sacrifice !!! (World Rapid Chess Championship 2015)

Xendrus Idziak

Why do these fucking commentators always feel the need to throw out their shitty ideas? You're recommending ideas to do for LITERALLY the best player in the game, his idea is better. While I'm sure the commentator is very knowledgeable and is 2600+, it's still not unlike listening to great music and having some garage band pausing your music every few seconds to try to be like "woah, I bet this part of the song would sound way better like this!" shitty solo and we've missed the music. Many times he was randomly moving pieces on the board while the players were actively making moves, which he ignored to play dolls with the chess pieces. So annoying. Is there no channel on youtube that posts actual chess games without some wanker saying "I bet if I was playing in this guy's spot I would do this move instead and it would totally be better!" which the players NEVER do, making it a 100% pointless exercise to explore that idea. The idea of a commentator is fine for a quick sport like football or tennis where you might miss things and would enjoy them explained as the game goes on, however, those commentators don't constantly go "oh well, if I was on the field I would have done this play instead and it would have totally worked and the other team would then have to do this action, which I would counter with this!" and by then it's half time and no one did any of the horseshit?


Damn that's complicated :D

Piate cez Deviate

Magnus is a risk taker and artist- that's what makes him the best chess player in the world.

Dane m

the host is just throwing me off the game with his rubbish predictions

Ron Burgandy

I want to see them play it out not just shake hands with 10 pieces still on the board you can't even tell s hat happened


Watching games like this makes me realize that i'll never amount to anything at this game. These guys are far beyond my computing capacity .

Ranjit Harini

u idiot.. u think u r no 1 chess player.. nothing we can understand from ur shit commentary

Chris McDade

I agree that Mr. Gustaffson is an adequate commentator, but how about delineating the game tree.
Please, this is in now way a criticism .. I think it is brilliant.

Simply, suggest that a) this is thread 1 and b) this is thread 2, etc.

That being said, the tactics in this game are simply something to be beholden and well learned.
Please examine the tactic of the pin.

I am quite curious. I suggest that "construction," is tantamount to position.
Frankly, at this point, I'm not sure where your comments are going.
1) Pawn structure
2) Material
3) Time Dynamics (tempo)
4) The contemporary reliance upon computer analysis as opposed to thinking for yourself kind of bugs me.

Go ahead … blast me, if you will .. "I am Nickel Man!!." Oops … wrong element .. but the other has been taken.


Please take this missive as it was intended … a bit of humor. :)

Pedro Flores

Too bad you were like 2 or 3 moves behind the actual game half the time. I can't really see what's happening on the board unless its on the computer…

Oscar Memo


surya Teja

When magnus started moving his king , opponent should have attacked white horse with his king, he did it next move which was bit late, else game could have changed greatly

Mr. Grandmaster

It's world rapid championship and one of black's rooks is smaller than the other one. Like seriously chess organizers?

Nemo's Channel

Funny how Carlsen manages to knock his king over while accepting the resignation.

Daniel Williams

Who is the opponent of Magnus?

Mert Maximilian

hello, i'm new to chess. why is 10 seconds constantly added to black's timer?

Marvin Heyboer

With only seconds to think, it's amazing that Carlsen can make the right move most of the time. These end games where a draw seems most likely, and then the opponent makes basically one bad move and to see it and take advantage of that with so little time is simply amazing. When you run the computer on these moves, Carlsen is nearly always spot on and when he isn't, it turns out his move was just as good as the 5 computer models running that same position. Carlsen isn't calculating 20 moves in, he sees the board in patterns. That combined with an exceptional memory make him a profoundly strong player.

Robe Robes

nc8 is a blunder.just play kd7 then knight has to move,then nc8 wins the pawn

Adam Thomson

your picture of the black and white chess board at the beginning and end has the pieces set up on the wrong side of the board!

Stefan Holbek

He is not just a great player … He is AMAZING! To calculate all this sh… stuff at THAT speed! ;O)


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