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Grand Chess Tour – London Chess Classic 2015: Round 1
The London Chess Classic brings together the world’s best players between December 4 and 13, 2015. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Maurice Ashley, [...]
London Chess Classic 2015 Round 3 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs Veselin Topalov
Daniel King analyses the game Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs Veselin Topalov from the London Chess Classic! ►Support Power Play Chess via PayPal (€): [...]
London Chess Classic 2015 – Player Opinions
Learn what the field of the 2015 London Chess Classic thought of one another before the games began.
Magnus Carlsen vs Hou Yifan – World Chess Champion vs Women’s World Chess Champion
A classical game played between two current World Chess Champions is extremely rare. This happened however in the 7th round of the 77th Tata Steel Chess [...]
A chess prodigy explains how his mind works
Inside the amazing mind of Magnus Carlsen, the number one chess player in the world
The Fastest Chess Game ever played Impressive!
Partie d’échecs très rapide : Magnus Carlsen vs. Espen Agdestein __ Channels: [...]
Hilarious Chess Moments Collection
Hilarious Chess Moments Collection
# FACEBOOK :- Kasparov, Carlsen, Anand, Ivanchuk, Svidler, Karpov, Spassky, Kochnoi, Grischuk, Chess Videos, Funny [...]
How many chess games are possible?
Squarespace (10% off): Dr James Grime talking about the Shannon Number and other chess stuff. More soon on chess [...]
Sokolsky Speed Chess Tournament [174]
This is a speed (bullet) chess tournament (Sokolsky) I competed in on while livestreaming on Time controls are 1 [...]
[FULL VERSION] Magnus Carlsen Blind & Timed Chess Simul at the Sohn Conference in NYC
While in NYC for the Play Live Challenge & Chess Works, Magnus did a timed, blind simul in front of thousands of people. There was no order, and [...]