A History of Chess Openings – GM Yasser Seirawan – 2014.10.01

January 2, 2016 - Chess

Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan takes us through the history of “good” openings. What did Emanuel Lasker say? Why was the Ruy Lopez all the rage and why is the Alekhine passé? Much like fashion, there are different defenses that trend hot with the passing years. Seirawan also shares a story about U.S. Junior star Daniel Naroditsky.

Openings include:
C67 Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence, open variation
B04 Alekhine’s defence, modern, Larsen variation
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Many already predict 16-year-old Wei Yi will become World Chess Champion, and in a game against Cuba’s Lazaro Bruzon in the Danzhou Super-GM tournament he showed exactly why! Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson takes us through the game.
Replay the game with computer analysis:
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30 thoughts on “A History of Chess Openings – GM Yasser Seirawan – 2014.10.01


Yasser always has the biggest smile on his face when he talks about Tal and his play. They must have had a close relationship, or Yasser is just a huge fan of his.


What program is he using to demo the positions? On many of these videos, the GMs seem to be using the same program. Anyone know what it is?

taxi 14

I think he loves San Francisco

Luís Sá

Why not after Larsen´s g5 Tal captured the e5 knight and after king takes bishop pawn to d6??

Liam Cooper

I remember those 2 benoni Carlsen-Anad games, at the time I was playing a lot of Scotch games and doubling pawns brought me much joy, then I saw some GMs use this kind of C file double pawn idea, then it came up in the WC. Been in the back of my mind ever since


Love this channel, love these videos, but this has got to be one of the most misleading video titles ever.  at 40:41 Seirawan even says the lecture is about opening preparations

Saturno Luna

I think it was Yasser the one who played a simultaneous exhibition at the Chess Club in Houston, TX in 1985, When I used to visit the Club.

Stan Marsh

i do like Yasser Seirawan's lessons, but what you said regarding the world champions is ridiculous…
People didnt randomly decided to label Steinitz as the first world champion out of nothing, ignoring the ones before!
It was only at Steinitz's time, that the best chess players of the world decided to have a match between the best players, and then the first world champion was decided!
You cannot say that Paul Morphy or Philidor could also be considered world champions, because at their time no one thought of doing a tournament with the best players!
So how could you know?


Exchange variation is easy for black. 🙂 c6 g6 bg7. And after you just open the diagonal for the bishop.(e5, c5) after that you have won position :)


thank you for the game analysis. this match is brilliant to me, although i am only an animated attacking club style player. i am not sure i understand the comparisons to Magnus Carlsen, except perhaps by such skill at his age? in the several of Wei Yi' s games i have seen on YouTube, his style reminds me of Rashid Nezhmetdinov. i'll be looking back to this game and your analysis for sometime, thanks again ,Jan.

Sr. Kaspagol

He probably calculated from Rxf7 to Be4+, when at least he could get some material back with Bb6, when black is still material up but white has good chances of capturing at least some pawns. But then he saw the magic starting with Qf7!


why not Bishop to b5 at 12:35? its a discovered check with the rook once the bishop moves, and White wins the queen?


brilliant exploitation play by yi, i'm looking forward to see this guy fighting for the WCC.


Hey Jan, love the videos keep em coming! I was wondering if Wei Yi (or you if it was your game) could really calculate all the way to the final checkmating position. That seems impossible even for a genius. Is it possible that he saw an advantageous position up to a certain point and then took a leap of faith?

Ted Oliver

I once won a game of chess with a King,a Pawn,a Knight and a promise of a kiss.

Garrett Pettit

Why do you constantly swallow when you speak it annoys the hell out of me. Drink some goddamn water.

k jack (ReshiramPlaysMC)

12:42 ba6 discovered attack that would of been it

Amol Chakradeo

Whats the variation after 36 Be1, Qa7+ ?

Roy Castanares

@13:22 Is Bb6 viable?

John Toth Toth

Interesting game. 

Reason Please

There was a Carlsen game that was also called "game of the century" against karpov I think it was

Andrew K then

Yes great game, too many alternative routes though

Arnaldur Björnsson

At 10:01 why not E rook to F1?

Chris Wagner

At 14:00 Wei Yi could have played Bb6+ and garde la Dame, winning the queen.

hema khune

at 12:21 white could have moved his black square bishop to b6 where he could get the queen as he would be under a check from rook

Geoff MB

12:10 why not white's bishop at b6 to take blacks queen?


13:24 Why would you not move the white bishop E3 to B6 check?

Jesse Schouten

9:41 Queen to G6 if Bischop takes on D5


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