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Carlsen’s amazing exchange sacrifice !!! (World Rapid Chess Championship 2015)
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LIVE GM Speed Chess! #55 Can I reach 2500 on!?
The challenge, play 3-minute blitz until I hit 2500+ on Is it possible? Do I manage it? Tune in to find out! * Facebook – [...]
Stan’s Netchess
Stan’s Netchess
Stan’s Netchess Correspondence Chess For The Internet Age. Stan’s Netchess
Bullet Chess #203: 16 games in the ICC 1-minute pool
Support the channel: Opponents include: FM SmoothAsAHedge, [...]
Top 8 Chess Mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes in chess, especially new players just learning the game. Today we look at the top 8 mistakes that players of all skill levels make. [...]
Hello chess lover!
Welcome to┬áChessstage! Soon we will start blogging with chess articles about strategy, lessins etc.   I developed this blog to have all my chess site [...]